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From the Archives: William Kentridge

I originally published this essay two years ago. Because William Kentridge continues to inspire and influence me as an artist and as a teacher, I’ve decided to repost it, with the addition of a few more images. Whether you are reading … read more >

On Stan The Man

My earliest memory of baseball was in St. Louis in 1940 as a 9-year-old, where we all played every second we could – stick-ball in the streets after school, and sand-lot pick-up games on the weekends. Grandma Irene (who was … read more >

The Art of Mezzotint Printmaking

Of all of the many technical approaches to copperplate printmaking, one of the richest and rarest is the art of mezzotint. At TDS we have the good fortune of having a master of the medium as one of our printmaking … read more >