Curt Brill

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Curt began pursuing art at Cornell University, and drawing remains his first and enduring love. Professionally he has been most noted for his three-dimensional work. Since then 1970s, Curt’s ceramic pieces have been widely collected across the United States, Europe and Japan. From clay, he transitioned to working in bronze in 1980. His sculptures have always been sensual, a direct response to the feel of the materials, which today include clay, plaster, wax and metal. He is a people-watcher with a keen eye, a potent sense of humor and an easy demeanor.


Artist Statement

As a teacher, I intend to take the fear out of drawing, but more importantly to teach how to see when thinking about drawing. I was originally trained as a realist in figure sculpting and drawing. The figure has remained central to my work, and even though the underlying realism holds the work together, the imagery has evolved. I have shifted from just portraying the physicality of being human to a more gestural, looser expression. My search in the visual arts is for the hidden human spirit – that small part that makes us each unique, yet finds us a common home.