Troy Neiman

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Troy Neiman is a sculptor with over 14 years experience working in clay, metal and recycled material. He has facilitated workshops for youth and adults at BICAS, Child and Family Resources, various high schools, nonprofits, and neighborhoods. Troy is also a monitor for the Tucson Museum of Art’s Ceramic School. His public artwork include the READ bike racks at the Downtown Pima Public Library, the historic Crossroads sign in Dunbar Spring Neighborhood, and various gate, bench, and sculptures for private residents and organizations. Troy has been teaching youth at The Drawing Studio since 2014.


Artist Statement

My work ranges from whimsical clay sculptures to public sculptures and unconventional bike racks, gates and fencing. I enjoy exploring ways for reclaimed materials to fit together, expanding the possibilities of how something is used while introducing to people the idea of creative re-use of refuse. My work in ceramics started in 1996 with equal dedication to pottery and sculpture.  My training in steel fabrication/sculpture began in 2000. I am fascinated with the forgiveness and malleability that both steel and clay provide when working with them as well as their permanence when fixed. I enjoy the heirloom qualities of these materials for their ability to gain character and withstand time.