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Gaby’s Story: “The Drawing Studio changed my life!”

Gaby, The Drawing Studio

Gaby at The Drawing Studio

My name is Gaby and I am a high school junior. I have always wanted to be an artist but never knew how to turn my dream into reality . . . until I found The Drawing Studio.

My friends at The Drawing Studio asked if I would share my success story in hopes that you will support the youth program today. I was able to attend four weeks—100 hours!—of art classes last summer because of a $300 scholarship.

Will you consider supporting the youth program? Your gifts make such a difference! Here’s how the program changed me.

How the youth program helped

Growing up, I was anxious and bullied in school. Art class was my refuge until the funding was cut and I lost my safe space. As a result, I started making poor choices. Then last year, one of my teachers told me about the Art of Summer program at The Drawing Studio.

portrait, sketch, Gaby

I love drawing faces. This is a sketch from my notebook. – Gaby

I learned about composition and perspective, and explored media that was new to me, such as pastels and acrylic paint. You walk into The Drawing Studio and art comes rushing at you—it’s incredible! Having all day to work on projects allowed me to experiment and sink into my ideas. When the younger kids would ask for help, I could share what I knew. During our critiques, they would point out what they learned from me!

I have more skills, mentors, and self-confidence than ever before. I’ve continued to draw and paint almost daily, and I share my work with friends on Facebook and Instagram. As a result, I’ve even received commissions! My plan is to attend community college when I graduate and stay focused on my goal of becoming a professional artist one day.

I also volunteer at The Drawing Studio when I can. On Spring Break, I helped organize the youth program art supplies, weeding out old paintbrushes and dried pens. I want to give back as much as I can and I hope you will, too.

Your support of youth

Any dollar amount can support the youth program. Your funds help buy new supplies, provide scholarships for students like me, hire working artists as instructors, and more. Annually, this program serves 200 kids ages 9-17. The next “Gaby” is out there, and you can make a difference in their life!

Thank you for what you have already made possible. I will always be grateful!



To make a gift through The Drawing Studio’s secure website, please click here. Or feel free to make an online gift through Paypal. Thank you! 

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