Andy's Window

Jim Waid

About Jim Waid, Tucson Painter One of the ironies that most living artists recognize is that, with few exceptions, one’s own home town is seldom aware of the quality and talent of many of its own. For instance, the great … read more >

Three Trees

On a hot summer day in St. Louis when I was a boy of twelve, our pick-up baseball game in Forest Park was rained out in the third inning. Seeking quick shelter until my mom could come later at the appointed … read more >

The Role of Shape/Pattern in Art (and in Life)

The Images that accompany this essay are student work, randomly selected from my recent cut-paper class assignments at The Drawing Studio. In our Drawing Fundamentals classes, we break down the elements of drawing, for example, ‘line’ or ‘space’ or ‘light … read more >