Andy's Window

Three Trees

On a hot summer day in St. Louis when I was a boy of twelve, our pick-up baseball game in Forest Park was rained out in the third inning. Seeking quick shelter until my mom could come later at the appointed … read more >

The Role of Shape/Pattern in Art (and in Life)

The Images that accompany this essay are student work, randomly selected from my recent cut-paper class assignments at The Drawing Studio. In our Drawing Fundamentals classes, we break down the elements of drawing, for example, ‘line’ or ‘space’ or ‘light … read more >

From the Archives: William Kentridge

I originally published this essay two years ago. Because William Kentridge continues to inspire and influence me as an artist and as a teacher, I’ve decided to repost it, with the addition of a few more images. Whether you are reading … read more >