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Nancy Evans, In Memoriam

Nancy Evans passed away Wednesday, Oct. 5, 2016. She was a wonderful artist and a giving member of The Drawing Studio community for many years.

Nancy began painting from a background in illustration. I met her in a pastel class and we both began working in encaustic about the same time. She built a spacious studio at her home where I would frequently go to work, too. We did some fun painting at Madera Canyon and Catalina State Park, and she and I went on a retreat with Pat Dolan to Rocky Point, Mexico. 

Artist Nancy Evans

Artist Nancy Evans

Nancy had smarts and was acquainted with many people in Tucson due to her work in real estate. She could talk to anyone and was the life of the party! We had a common upbringing in Iowa. Growing up, she spent summers at a beautiful place on Clear Lake, where I also spent time as a little girl living in Britt, Iowa.

Nancy suffered a brain aneurysm years ago and nearly died then, but doctors saved her life. It was a miracle to her. She began a strict regime of healthy eating and exercise during and after her recovery. She suffered some difficulties with her eyes so she’d often come to class wearing a patch over one. When things went sour, she dealt with it! 

Nancy was a fully committed participant in our Tucson art community. She will be deeply missed. 

– A. Carile Neale

Donations may be made to The Drawing Studio in Nancy’s memory. For more, please call 520-620-0947. You may also mail a gift to The Drawing Studio, 2760 N. Tucson Blvd., Tucson, 85716.

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