The Transformative Power of Art

“My art class is the only time in the day when I don’t look at my watch.”

— Participant in our senior outreach program

The Drawing Studio is committed to bringing art to everyone, including those with the least access to it. We supply the expertise, curriculum and supplies, so people who may have never dreamed they’d study drawing and art can benefit from its transformative effects. 

Outreach programs are often collaborations between TDS and partner organizations, including community centers, social service and youth development agencies, and schools. This enables TDS to support those who face various barriers to participation in our studios, whether it may be issues of mobility, trauma or access. Through long- and short-term programs, we bring TDS curriculum, professional teaching artists, art supplies, and projects to hundreds through free- and affordable classes and workshops. 

Artistic education and expression activates the senses, fosters presence, nourishes the spirit, and stimulates health and wellbeing. Through ongoing practice, individuals begin to attune to each other and the world, and experience the interconnectedness of all life. 

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To learn more about bringing TDS Outreach programs to your school or organization, please email or call us at 520-620-0947.