Carolyn King

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As a child, Carolyn was inspired by her father’s love of travel and her mother’s love of the visual arts. The Chicago native lived in Belgium and studied in classical ateliers as a teen. She traveled to Greece, Italy, France and Switzerland before she later landed in Mexico to study printmaking. Carolyn’s formal art degrees include a bachelor’s of fine arts from the School of the Chicago Art Institute and a master’s in arts and consciousness from JFK University in the San Francisco Bay area. For the past 15 years, Carolyn has been a teaching artist and arts administrator in schools, clinics, hospitals, and retirement communities in Tucson, working with students of all ages, backgrounds and abilities. Her personal studio practice is currently focused on mixed-media work on paper, canvas and panels.


Artist Statement

People throughout history have documented and expressed their reflections, aspirations, visions and dreams through a visual language. “Teachers” can come in the form of nature – plants, animals, and environments – or from visual expressions of cultures, such as costumes, icons, lettering, weaving, hand work, or pottery.  I am inspired by contemporary expressions like clothing, hairstyles, and tattoos, old and new. I see my artistic work as one of the millions of threads that make up the weaving of a global cloth of the human story. “Freedom” within structure” is the guiding principle underlying my teaching philosophy. I offer students technical, step-by-step training along with the support to explore one’s own instinctive visual inclinations. My goal is to help encourage each person’s unique expression.