Mark Zepezauer

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Mark Zepezauer studied printmaking at the University of California at Santa Cruz, then worked for several newspapers in that community, creating the cartoon panel “US History Backwards.” In 1989 he founded The Press of Time, a small letterpress shop, and produced a limited edition art book, The Nixon Saga, now found in more than two museum collections (okay, just two). He moved to Arizona in 1993, publishing the Tucson Comic News, a monthly compendium of political cartoons and commentary, until 2000. He is the author/illustrator of The CIA’s Greatest Hits (1994), Boomerang! How Our Covert Wars Have Created Enemies Across the Middle East and Brought Terror to America (2003), and Take the Rich Off Welfare (2004). Zepezauer taught art at Apollo Middle School and currently teaches at Gallego Fine Arts Magnet School. He has been conducting cartoon camps for teens and younger kids since 2011.


Cubist Nixon

Artist Statement

“Cubist Nixon #1” was part of a series of promotional brochures produced in conjunction with my 1989 book The Nixon Saga: A Pathography in Twelve Parts. Like the illustrations in the book, this image was printed in a four-color reduction print process, with the block carved repeatedly and each state printed and registered in a progressively darker color, starting with white ink, then light grey, dark grey, and finally black (the hue of the Strathmore Storm Grey paper was the unofficial fifth color). I created a new series of four more “Cubist Nixon” bookplates for a 25th anniversary exhibition of the book and its prints last year. The contours of Nixon’s face, his body language, and his reflexive gestures lend themselves to endless interpretations. More information about the Nixon project can be found at