Mykl Wells

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Mykl Wells, born in 1965, Beloit, Wisconsin, is self-Taught, makes paintings, drawings, sculptures and multi-media art. Focusing on techniques and materials, Wells makes works that embody dark humor, irreverence and a skepticism. Idiosyncratic and quirky, his paintings are often described as depraved children’s book illustration. His sculpture and unique picture framing incorporates the waste-products of American superabundance and marketing.

Artist Statement

Art is the science of the inner-self. Much like art, science advances by the imagination. Ideas about reality, we imagine how animals might change over time, imagine the mechanisms of that change, and in a revelation Charles Darwin saw how natural selection might work. Science tests those imaginings and we come to know the world a bit more subtlety, and our understanding makes our experience of the world richer and deeper. In art we explore what it is to be human. We can describe the color blue but it is through the shared experience that we come to know what it means to have the blues. Not many of us would wish to be Lady Chatterly’s lover, but through the vicarious experience of art we can become, if but for a moment, those characters. Through that experience we see from another’s perspective, and come to know what it is to be human with depth and subtlety and it enriches us.