Paul Mohr

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Paul is a figure drawer working in clay, oil, and graphite. He directs The Drawing Studio’s Open Studio. He has served as board member and past treasurer of The Drawing Studio, and as president of Southern Arizona Watercolor Guild.


Artist Statement

My philosophy as an instructor is to demonstrate the methods and tools used in the practice of art. This is based primarily on observation from life. I stress three things to my students: First, the practice of art is part skill, which can be learned, and the other part is the passion you feel for your subject. The second is to draw the subjects that you are most passionate about, whether it’s people, still life compositions, or landscapes. Your enthusiasm for the subject will keep you working long enough to build your drawing skills. Finally, learn to appreciate the mistakes you make. They are critical in showing you the things you need to work on. The only mistake that you can truly make is to not draw. All the others are good.