Andy's Window

On Stan The Man

My earliest memory of baseball was in St. Louis in 1940 as a 9-year-old, where we all played every second we could – stick-ball in the streets after school, and sand-lot pick-up games on the weekends. Grandma Irene (who was … read more >

The Art of Mezzotint Printmaking

Of all of the many technical approaches to copperplate printmaking, one of the richest and rarest is the art of mezzotint. At TDS we have the good fortune of having a master of the medium as one of our printmaking … read more >

A New Year’s Message About Our Future

  I feel humbled when I remember the first class I taught after founding The Drawing Studio in 1993. I was the sole instructor with a total of eleven students. “We’ll try it for two years” I said, “and then we’ll see.” Two … read more >

The Art of Collecting Art

Why do we collect? What is collecting art? What do you collect? Anyone lucky enough to have a home accumulates things: stuff we use and need, sit and sleep on, prepare meals with, and so on. We also collect sentimental objects that have less obvious utility: … read more >

On Thomas Bewick (1753-1828)

I am always intrigued by those artists of the past who, through drawing from observation, invented a unique place for themselves in their own time. For example, I have written about Beatrix Potter, who actually created the category of books … read more >

Giorgio Morandi and the Role of Personal Inspiration

As a young artist studying in Florence, Italy in 1958, I happened one day into a gallery that was showing some small modest paintings of bottles and other little table objects by an artist from Bologna. As I contemplated each … read more >

About Bruce Cobb and The Drawing Studio

“How does TDS influence my art? Perhaps its something in the air. Something that is both mundane and mysterious. Seeing the work of others inspires me to continue and gives me ideas to pursue. For me there is also a … read more >

Portraits Among Friends

Regular readers of Andy’s Window may have noted that my essays have recently focused upon some of my Tucson artist-friends. At my age of 84, I realize that our flow of work and ideas has been constantly interweaving with each … read more >

Stalking the Sacred: An installation of art by Pat Dolan

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Pat Dolan’s installation Stalking the Sacred * is not a conventional exhibition of works–in-a-row. In fact, Pat deliberately uses the word ‘Installation’ to make the distinction that while the show has many layers, it designed to function as a single … read more >

The Torso as a Cross-Cultural Art Medium

In my own art career I have explored many media, including ‘bas-relief’, which is a branch of sculpture. But I am by no means a sculptor in the sense of someone whose medium is an encounter with three-dimensional space. Meaning … read more >