“These classes allowed me to feel comfortable trying something new. I loved it, and learned to look at the world differently.”

– Beginning drawing student

Yes, you can learn to draw! The Drawing Studio offers beginning drawing classes in a sequence – Drawing Fundamentals 1, 2 and 3. In these classes, students learn the skills to make drawing accessible, sustainable, and fun.  

Our drawing classes are designed for beginners with no experience. They’re also perfect for students seeking to re-invigorate their passion for art. Each DF class meets once a week and includes assignments for practice at home. Classes are offered at various times of day, and registration is on-going. Students are encouraged to repeat classes for additional practice and feedback. 

Drawing is the foundation of all studio art practices – painting, etching, sculpting, and more. Students who develop a strong foundation in drawing find more enjoyment and success in any art form they may pursue.


Drawing Fundamentals 1 

If you’re new to drawing, DF1 is the best place to begin. Students learn four fundamental drawing skills – shape/edge, measurement, light (value), and space (perspective) – and overcome doubts about their ability to draw with accuracy and confidence. Enjoy ample opportunities to practice, review, and share. (Not to mention, most students are happily surprised by how much they accomplish!)


Drawing Fundamentals 2 

DF2 students begin to deepen foundational drawing skills. Students build on the lessons of DF1 and explore subjects in greater depth, with increased emphasis on composition and mark-making. In DF2, you begin to explore the natural and man-made world through the artist’s lens.


Drawing Fundamentals 3 

DF3 students take significant steps toward mastery! Students begin to develop a personal vision, hone their unique artistic path, and gain fluency in the language of drawing. Each DF3 course focus on a particular media, method or subject matter, so students can take multiple DF3 classes and explore something new every time – charcoal, experimental drawing, figure drawing, portrait drawing, and more.  

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