Andrew Rush

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Andy founded The Drawing Studio in 1992 with a core group of Tucson artists. A former associate professor of art at the University of Arizona, he is a printmaker, sculptor, and drawer. Andy has been active as an American artist since 1959. His art has been included in many national exhibitions, especially of prints and drawings, and he has been a book illustrator and public artist. In 1981, he began to take an interest in tile and relief sculpture, especially in public places, garden settings and other architectural applications. He is a resident of the Rancho Linda Vista art community in Oracle, Ariz., established in 1968.


Artist Statement

I consider the study and practice of drawing from observation to be the foundation of visual intelligence, a domain almost totally neglected by conventional education. At The Drawing Studio, I take great pleasure in working with people from all walks of life who bring incredible experience and richness to the study of art – a richness that informs their visual expression once they have the tools and practices to inform their work. As a teaching artist, I am exploring how to broaden each person’s notion of what drawing can be, and match the right practices to the unique skills of each student. In my Words and Images course offerings, I am interested in the art skills designed to relate to the new visual communication domains opening up worldwide.