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What Our Members Are Saying

More than 90 of you  — The Drawing Studio member community — gathered on March 30 for a tamale dinner and to envision the future of TDS together. It was a night to celebrate as a community and also the chance to engage as stakeholders of TDS. We shared plans for our building and programs, and listened to your ideas of how we can improve and stretch into the future.

We are grateful for your participation! The feedback we received was overwhelmingly helpful and positive. We took each survey response, and collected the records from the table discussions, to created the infographic below. Take some time to check it out! The words that appeared most frequently in the report appear the largest. Then, if you scroll your mouse or trackpad over the image, some of the smaller words will appear larger.



What the graphic shows

What we’ve learned is that your wishes and desires mirror the internal plans and goals of our board and staff! 

We loved the repetition of the word “more.” In total, “more” appeared 60 times! People want more: diversity, young people, classes, partnerships, friendship opportunities, conversations, space to grow, and celebrations.

“Art” appeared 52 times, “community” appeared 45 times, and then “people,” “space” and “class” each appeared 42 times. 

Lots of specific ideas emerged about improvements for the facility, including: 1) bigger studios; 2) more natural light; 3) less clutter; 4) more independent artist workspaces; 5) more community and public spaces; and 6) an improved parking lot. We will incorporate all of these ideas into our master space plan.

We also had a lot of fun together! Check out some images of the night.

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