Lynn Fleischman

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Lynn is a certified Open Floor conscious dance teacher (, and also studies with Sylvie Minot, whose Syzygy Dance Project ( works with inmates, veterans and people in recovery programs in the San Francisco Bay area. Along with Pat Dolan, she co-founded ArtMoves, which integrates conscious dance and other art forms into art instruction.













Artist Statement

I am a longtime artist of drawing and printmaking. My study of conscious dance and meditation over the last several years, culminating in my certification as a dance teacher, has blown open my sense of my art “form.” I am currently exploring the synthesis of art and movement in both my own work and my teaching. This process is challenging, confusing, and so much fun I can hardly stand it! I have become deeply aware of how many of us “cut ourselves off at the neck,” and how we suffer from it. My interest now lies in connecting/reconnecting our minds to our bodies to create fuller artistic expression of our individual being, and our collective human being-ness to the larger natural world. As a teacher, my job is to reflect back to my students the wondrous, unique artist and human being they already are, and provide a path for cultivating their awareness and skill whereby they can see it for themselves.