Pat Dolan

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Pat’s art practice has led her to sacred sites and indigenous cultures around the world. She graduated with a bachelor’s degree in art history from Trinity College, and completed a master’s in visual design from the Institute of Design at the Illinois Institute of Technology, Chicago. Her studies of and experiences in spiritual practices have greatly influenced her art and teaching in expressive drawing, pastel painting, travel drawing, intuitive color, and the spirit of animals and nature. At The Drawing Studio, she directs the Outreach Art Tutoring for Seniors, or OATS program, and is co-founder of ArtMoves, an outreach program for vulnerable populations that incorporates art and movement.


Artist Statement

I give voice to the voiceless endangered animals, birds, and their habitats in my work. When I draw these animals, I feel their essence coming through my hands, and this is expressed in the energy of my mark making. I believe the animals are visual prayers asking the viewer to remember that once they felt a deep connection to these sentient beings. My other passion is teaching. It thrills me to bear witness to my students growing in their craft and finding their unique artistic voices. Students come to work with me when they want to loosen up and become more expansive in their exploration of color.