Thomas Lindell

Thomas is a printmaker who studied at Pima Community College; the Curwen Print Study Centre and St. Barnabas Press, both in Cambridge, UK; Crown Point Press, San Francisco; and with Andy Rush at The Drawing Studio. He holds a doctorate in biochemistry and is a retired faculty member emeritus from the University of Arizona’s Department of Molecular and Cellular Biology, where he taught bioethics and science and theology courses for many years.


Artist Statement

Printmaking as an avocation is an exciting extension of my prior scientific background; it is like having a research laboratory again. That experience lends itself to both classical printmaking and some of the more modern techniques in printmaking. As an instructor, I am able to offer students at all levels a variety of ways to get an image on a plate and refine it through multiple techniques. My job is to invite inquiry and inform, then get out of the way – being available, but not intrusive.